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This site is kawaiiiiiii so I'll enjoy posting here every week.

Consider the saccharine banner a reminder to be honest with yourself: what's really going to delight and motivate you? 

Answer: I don't know, but I bet it's not LinkedIn o_o


I'm Ren.

Welcome to my challenge: from zero to fullstack dev in one year!

Zero programming experience, zero dollars in Q1 2023 --> interviewing in tech in Q4 2023.

What this isn't:

A detailed explanation of technical coursework (you can find that anywhere)

A guaranteed path to success that a sensible person should emulate (obvi)

A lifestyle blog (no, definitely no)

What this is:

A well-rounded personal experiment you can learn from. And laugh at.

A weekly recap of progress (or lack thereof)

Part of a well-balanced breakfast

It's definitely an invitation to be my friend!