And so it begins (again)

Okay, let's try this again.

I started the software engineering journey back in January, when I signed up for Leon Noel's #100devs program.

I jumped right in and tore through the first dozen classes before learning that even though I wasn't part of a cohort, I could still submit homework and earn a certificate. AKA: I GOT GOT.

But in a good way - who doesn't love a certificate?

So I restarted from Class 01, this time submitting homework for asynchronous review. It's now 1 May and I've just finished Class 06 and the corresponding homework.

The silver lining: the first dozen classes' worth of information are going to be lodged solidly in the brain. Also, there's a Discord thread for people who started in April, so I've joined up with them for mutual motivation and accountability.